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About Us


The Story Of True Community

In 2021 True Community started this revolution by initiating our Expanding Access Initiative. We believe expanding access to life-saving skills in marginalized communities increases health literacy leading to an increase in health equity. We do this by raising awareness as to why First Aid, CPR & AED trainings are important, partnerships with organizations serving marginalized communities, and generous donors that sponsor free certifications. True Community’s expert instructors have certified over 5,300 people in 15 different cities.


As a part of our training services mission to expand access to life-saving skills we offer free certifications throughout each state we operate in. In order to make this possible, we have help from generous people like you who believe in our mission and contribute by making a donation and sponsoring a community member or class. 


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve health behaviors. Every donation, no matter the size, will help us fulfill our mission and save countless lives.

Mission, Vision, Values Statement




Inspiring people to transform the well-being of their communities.



True Community believes that people in communion can liberate each other through dialogue and holistic education. 

We provide the support needed for individuals to liberate themselves and hope to inspire them to recognize their ability to help in liberating those around them. We believe this viral effect will cause a WELLNESS REVOLUTION!


As an organization we believe that inside every person there is a truth that guides their existence. We believe there are
universal principles that uplift all human beings.


   Principles: Integrity, fairness, honesty, human dignity, service, excellence, and growth.


We are committed to ensuring our intentions aligns with our impacts. This approach requires individuals to become disciplined in behaviors that benefit themselves thus uplifting others.



We believe nobody can be liberated by another and at the same time, nobody can liberate themselves. It
takes individual introspective enlightenment and the support of others to achieve the highest communal



 Our future generations will benefit from our selfless and sacrificed efforts towards a equitable world. In order to achieve this as a community we must actively contribute to a better future for all of us. 

Partners & Certifying Bodies

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