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We believe that great organizations stem from having a great team. With our fabulous team we ensure quality instructors who put's the needs of other's before them and provide a safe and pleasant experience for all individuals who take's a True Community certification class. To ensure our quality we enjoy receiving direct feedback based on the instructor whose class you attended. 


Will Griffin

Cincinnati, Ohio Instructor

"I have been able to certify my entire senior class and other high school and college students"

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John Radecki

Indianapolis, Indiana Instructor

"I love instructing because I am able to help other people help themselves and their families "

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Teena Falero

Boca, Raton Instructor

"I am able to teach people of all ages and see how much of an Impact I make on their lives in such short time"

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Jamaal Brown

Jacksonville, Florida Instructor

"The best part about instructing is that I get to connect with new people and build confidence"

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Maryleslie Javier

Midwest Instructor

"The best part about being an instructor is that I get to see how I am able to change people's perspectives and 

see them leave with the confidence they may not have had prior to the class to help in a life-threatening emergency"

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