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Worldwide Wellness Tour: 1,000 Certified & Counting

True Community has embarked on a journey to Ghana for Health and Community Development.

True Community’s World Wide Wellness Tour is a part of our international initiative, we are dedicated to establishing training centers that serve as beacons of inspiration, education, and community development.

True Community has CPR/AED certified 1,000 people and 10 instructors during the trip to Ghana. Under our Black Stars Wellness Initiative, we brought our efforts to Ghana, focusing on two vibrant cities: Cape Coast and the capital city, Accra. These cities are the hub of our training activities, where we aim to provide health education that fosters communal interdependence, starting with effective emergency response.

Highlights of Our Ghana Visit:
  • Informative sessions on health education and emergency response

  • Training Students and Instructors

  • Skill-building workshops focusing on life-saving techniques

  • Inspirational talks by renowned experts in the wellness field

  • Networking opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals

  • Introduction to our Black Stars Wellness Initiative and its vision for community development

True Community Featured on FOX19 Cincinnati discussing the Black Stars Wellness Trip:


Become a part of the initiative and donate to our Amazon wish list or Donate a monetary amount to be able to equip instructors with the necessary tools
and materials they need to succeed.

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